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All the structures of the Towers Multifunction range combine the typical vertically integrated photovoltaic system and the possibility of numerous services and devices integration. They differ in design, costs, synergistic potential and customization.


Tower is intelligent and adaptive, designed to be the reference point for the design of smart cities and smartgrids, destined to evolve and interact with the surrounding environment in a constant exchange of energy, services and information flows.


Magicwand is the simpler, cheaper and completely sustainable alternative for replacing classic public lighting systems, designed to replace the vast majority of lighting systems with “basic” services in use today.


IVY is a design solution developed in collaboration with the Tectoo architecture studio in Milan. Sustainable and multifunctional, it is suitable for cutting-edge urban areas and for projects of architectural, environmental and technological interest.


The smart and multifunctional photovoltaic shelter, designed to be the protagonist in parking, EV charging and energy upgrading projects, focal elements of a smart city.


Elegant and minimal design, the structure guarantees high photovoltaic generation performance thanks to the system in double-sided glass-glass panels that make up the roof.


In addition to the peculiar photovoltaic system, even Smart Shelter is customizable, multifunctional and can integrate a wide range of devices and services, for an increasingly smart stop!


In collaboration with SENTNET SRL (


SkyWat is a special steel floating structure for the latest generation of solar system plants. Extremely compact compared to other systems with the same nominal power, it presents a much more efficient generative performance thanks to the new bi-facial solar modules that exploit the high refraction of the structure, capable of significantly increasing the Albedo effect, as well as contact with the water and the design of the structure that exploits the air currents keep the operating temperature constantly lower. The XPE floating solution with closed microcells guarantees the complete unsinkability of the entire structure.


Solerzia’s multifunction Smart Cities solutions can integrate a wide range of services to support environmental SUSTAINABILITY through integrated generation from renewable sources, the EV REVOLUTION, the spread of the IoT and data transmission through SENSORS, GATEWAY, 5G CELLS and OPTICAL FIBER , they can become important points of INFOTAINMENT and INFOMOBILITY but also of SECURITY and CONTROL of areas and people, TOURIST and AGGREGATION points, to bring the SERVICES towards a higher level SMART DIGITIZATION.

Integrated photovoltaic system

Communication and data transfer

Smart Lighting

Video surveillance & Video analysis

IoT sensors

Infotainment & Infomobility

SoS button, AED defibrillators and VOIP call

EV charging