Solerzia | Towers Multifunction
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Towers Multifunction


Tower is a patented product designed to be the smart sustainable, multifunctional and technological infrastructure at the base of the city of the future.

This product will revolutionize both the whole concept of managing an electricity grid and the sustainable production of energy, improving efficiency, quality and quantity of services: all this is added to the creation of a wireless mesh network that keeps the connection between structures, allows to collect and process data in real time and guarantees different functions according to the needs.


The structure takes the form of a triangular base prism and is made up of a variable number of modules of 1.6 mt, with a sheet steel cladding and photovoltaic panels, extremely solid from the point of view of internal and external loads in relation to the force of the wind.

Thanks to the modularity it is possible to configure the structure according to the desired height and power.


Schema altezze totem
TMF 11.2mt – 1980Wp MAX
TMF  9.6mt – 1650Wp MAX
TMF  8.0mt – 1320Wp MAX
TMF  6.4mt – 990Wp MAX
TMF  4.8mt – 660Wp MAX
TMF  3.2mt – 330Wp MAX

This “basic” solution can be extended, customized and completed not only in terms of structural needs, but also in additional services, with devices and gadgets depending on the needs of each individual client and project.


Each Tower generates and accumulates energy during the hours of sunshine to self-power its functions without electrical connections, pipes and excavations, while maintaining the wireless connection with the twin structures and ensuring remote management and control.


Tower is connected to an electric network, in order to transfer the energy produced during the hours of sunshine to the network operator or to a centralized storage system, for its own power supply during night time or other purposes.


This combined solution is designed for intelligent energy management where seasonal PV yields are not sufficient for consumption.


One of Tower’s objectives is to offer adaptive lighting to the market, based on the concept of “energy on demand”.

An advanced Tower management system collects data and makes it possible to automate and control each pre-configured lighting scenario based on needs, exploiting transit flows, location peculiarities and dimmer technology to ensure the efficiency of light intensity reducing energy waste and light pollution, controlling the single Totem or the entire network of structures in the most efficient way thanks to the wireless mesh connection.

produzione energia


Tower can be configured to have an energy production greater than its own needs, which can be sold in account-exchange or poured into storage systems.

When yields are below demand, the energy to supply the loads and/or battery is taken from the grid as efficiently as possible.


Tower is also designed to create a solid, simple and eco-sustainable network for fast charging of electric vehicles of all kinds.

Thanks to Tower and the Solerzia storage systems, you can recharge the vehicles directly from the dedicated Totem, with the protection of video surveillance and other systems.

Even easier is the integration of the charging service for mobile personal devices.


New and incredible possibilities in the field of communication and vertical signage derive from the application of LED screens on the Tower.

The surface can be customized and developed in compliance with the vertical structure of the Tower and, thanks to its prismatic triangular base profile, the whole can be replicated on three sides, offering an innovative service, easy to manage and which limits the costs for the final customer.


The integration of cameras, radar, alarm systems and hidden sensors opens up multiple possibilities, depending on the needs and situations, in the field of security.



With the installation of a dense network of Tower it will be easy to create a powerful Wi-Fi network that finally reaches the expectations of the citizens, also thanks to the possibility of exploiting these structures for the wiring of the optical fiber.

If the project requires it we can study ove systems based on a cutting-edge technology, the Li-Fi, based on the transfer of data through visible light beams, which would guarantee a speed that is not even imaginable at the moment.


The Tower can be equipped with an innovative drone landing platform/hangar with an integrated inductive charging system (IPT). It will be possible to configure the drones for autonomous flight on pre-established routes or on points geo referenced by other totems to control critical situations in a very short time.

The drones can be used for various purposes: smart road services, fire prevention, search for people or vehicles, perimeter surveillance, military purposes, audio/video data in real time, road network control and accidents, surveillance of particular areas.


Thermographic cameras

Weather and environmental sensors



Optical fiber joints and similar



5G connection

Management of public transport

Utilities remote reading

USB charge station

Internet of things (IOT)


Information point

Monitoring of waste collection and the like

Telephone and radio antennas/repeaters

Synchronizable loudspeakers with radio networks and control centers