sustainable city

A smart city uses technology and innovation to improve the quality of life of its citizens in addition to environmental and economic sustainability. In this future already present, urban infrastructure and services, transportations, energy, waste management, public safety and access to informations are smartly integrated and managed through the use of advanced infrastructure, sensors, monitoring devices, software and data analysis.

Green Energy

Not products, solutions!

Innovative infrastructure

Design, performance and efficiency


CO2 reduction (275g CO2e/kWh)


WHAT DOES A smart city need?

We propose innovative solutions for sustainable, smart and multifunctional projects. We talk about real service hubs for the city of the future that represent an evolution of functional structures and infrastructures in an urban environment without further land consumption. Smart and adaptive solutions, designed to be the benchmark for the design of smart cities and smart grids, destined to evolve and interact with the surrounding environment in a constant and incremental exchange of energy, services and information flows. Everything is managed through a platform that enables the interconnection of homes, buildings, infrastructures and people, becoming the ultimate evolution of the smart city concept.

Green Energy

Smart Lighting

EV Charger




Sos & Healthcare

Big & Thick data

Digital platform, IOT & Blockchain

product line

smart shelter range

is the line of modular, multifunctional and smart photovoltaic shelters designed to be the main actor in sustainable projects aimed at creating real photovoltaic fields in an urban environment while promoting the development of smart parking, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and energy redevelopment, focal elements of a smart city.
The innovative and efficient TOP models of the line, translate projects in multi-service design macro-systems, which do not suffer from the characteristic need for orientation towards the south thanks to the peculiar curved patented design of the roof and the optimization of the photovoltaic strings, enhancing the performance of the integrated generation system regardless of the installation layout and making the most of the bifacial nature of the photovoltaic panels.




Bus Park

Bus Stop


product line

tower multifunction range

TOWERS MULTIFUNCTION is designed to exploit the best use of land, evolving expecially existing lighting and telco infrastructure and leading the service to the next level while promoting sustainability and energy generation thanks to the integrated photovoltaic system, both in grid connected configuration and totally off-grid thanks to the possibility of integrating batteries.

All the products of the TM line combine the typical vertical photovoltaic system and the possibility of integrating numerous services and configurable devices depending on the model.
Intelligent and adaptive, the TM family it is designed to represent the basic cell of Smart Cities and Smart Grids, exploiting the same spaces already in use for public lighting and telecommunications, revolutionizing their infrastructural value.

The product line covers all the possibilities of USE CASE, offering both very simple products – cheap and hypercustomizable and integrable, developing in height or with compact dimensions: the diffusion of those structures in all urban areas will favor the development of all the service Infrastructures new generation.

product line

smart devices range

Parallel to the infrastructure product lines, our Research and Development department is constantly working to develop products suitable for the direct consumer market. The solutions will maintain most of the main products logic, primarily the generation of clean energy, going to satisfy also other needs such as monitoring of air quality, IoT sensors, security, portability and so much more.

Smart Spyglass

Our first smart device. The solar energy solution, compact and autonomous, for monitoring structures, infrastructures, agricultural areas and points of interest.

Digital application areas:
• Video surveillance and video analysis
• LTE, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Lora connectivity
• Totally off grid independent